Mexicans evacuated from Wuhan, China arrive in Mexico


Tired, but happy to touch the ground of Mexico, and to meet with their relatives, 10 Mexicans from Marseille, France, where they remained in quarantine for 14 days after leaving Wuhan, China arrived in the country on Sunday 

The group of nationals arrived this Sunday at the Mexico City International Airport , aboard flight 498 Lufthansa.

I was locked 10 days since the quarantine began (in Wuhan for the coronavirus). In recent days, the city was seen as a ghost alone, there was hardly anyone on the street, “said the automotive-mechanical engineer, originally from Chihuahua.

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He thanked the support of the government of France, where he remained, together with the group of Mexicans, who were followed by all the health protocols established by the authorities of that nation and when it was verified that they did not show symptoms of the new coronavirus, they received their medical certificate.

I feel very calm to be here at home, especially for my parents, ”said Martín Enrique Gutiérrez , who said he learned about the so-called coronavirus when he was at his hotel, which is why he had to remain locked up, on the instructions of the authorities China sanitary ware .

The group of Mexicans arrived on February 2 from Wuhan, province of Hubei, aboard a French aircraft, to the Istres military base in southern France, from where they were transferred to an area of ​​confinement where they remained these 14 days.

I am very grateful to the government of France. They took great care of us, treated us very well, treated us in an incredible way. From the moment we arrived in France, they were in continuous contact all the time, ”said  Valeria Díaz .

Resultado de imagen de evacuados de china

Commenting that he had many mixed feelings, he said that there are several Mexicans who still remain in China , although he said he does not know how much it is and said that at some point that things improve, he will return to continue his studies in China, on economics and international treaties .

Regarding the situation he lived in Wuhan, he said that it was undoubtedly “worrying, but at all times the most important thing was to remain calm, because when we start to worry and we panic, everything gets out of control.”

Daniel Stamatis was also happy to arrive in the country, thanking all the support they received from the French authorities and making it clear that Wuhan’s departure was difficult, where he remained for seven years. “The complicated part was the process … but now I am delighted with life.”

I saw from my apartment that there were no people outside in the streets … and right now it is more intense, because of the news that comes to us, the problem is water, ”he said he will remain in Mexico City for a few months and then return to Wuhan where he works in Bamboo Architecture.

The Mexicans who were in Wuhan followed all the health protocols established by the authorities of France during the quarantine where they stayed for 14 days and since they did not show symptoms of the virus, they received their medical certificate.

The 10 Mexicans were received by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health. They had at all times the backing and support of the embassies of Mexico in China and France.

Source: el imparcial, reporte indigo, unotvnoticias

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