When do classes resume in Mexico?


When will the return to school be? AMLO confirmed that some municipalities will resume classes on May 17, find out which ones

When will the return to school be? President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on Thursday that the return to classes will take place until May 18 in municipalities where coronavirus cases are very low.

These are 979 municipalities in the country, where on May 17 the suspension of face-to-face classes would end to resume courses on Monday, May 18.

He noted that in the municipalities with the most cases of COVID-19, such as the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla, the suspension will continue until June 1.

The following map, shown during the morning conference this Thursday, shows all the municipalities in the country, indicating in which of the positive cases have been registered and in which they have not.

Thus, the green municipalities (without infections and without neighborhood with states with cases) are those where the face-to-face classes would be resumed on May 17, while in the red municipalities this will happen on June 1.

The same will apply for the National Day of Healthy Distance, clarified the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, specifying that in the municipalities with few infections the measures will end on May 17, while for the rest this It will happen on May 30.

As for the elderly, pregnant women and people with diabetes and hypertension, they will be able to resume their work activities until June 25, when the pandemic is estimated to end.

The SEP reported through a tweet a video where it explains how the students will be evaluated during the #AprendeEnCasa program.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced that virtual classes for basic education students will resume next Monday, April 20, as part of the “Learn at Home” program, which has been launched before the health emergency.

Explains the steps on how to create an ” Experiences Folder “, where all the work and tasks carried out will be collected.

For this you need a folder or an envelope, it does not matter if one is recycled, where it is only necessary to put the full name of the student and the grade level, it is also possible to decorate it, the tasks and exercises should be done on a sheet of paper with:

  • The student’s name
  • School grade
  • Date and Time
  • The medium where you saw the program (if it was television, you must put the channel)

And deliver the folder the day you return to school.

Source: debate.com.mx

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