Yucatan’s Ban On Alcohol Has Backfired, Say Critics


Price gouging on the black market, and a rise in domestic violence, observed by local newspapers

Nine days into Yucatan’s “dry law,” ending alcohol sales statewide, it’s clear the measure was misguided, according to an editorial in Diario de Yucatan.

In fact, the alcohol ban has only increased tensions that lead to domestic violence and allowed for the black market for beer and liquor sold at wildly inflated prices, said the editors.

On the coast, Grillo de Yucatan calls the measure a violation of human rights that has instigated more lawlessness and misery, the opposite of what the “ley seca” intended.

Suddenly yanking access to alcohol can be dangerous in some circumstances, said Fabiola García Magaña, director of the Women’s Institute of Mérida, which helps shelter domestic violence victims.

“There are chronic functional drinkers who need to be under the influence of alcohol to control themselves, and when they are not, they can become violent people, and that is what is beginning to happen,” said García Magaña.

Today, the registry of domestic-violence is exceeding the capacity of the institute, she added.

“Every day we receive between eight and 10 calls from women in emotional crisis, depressive, who have even attempted their lives, due to confinement, violence and lately in some places for abstaining from alcohol intake,” she said.

“People should understand that alcohol intake or non-consumption, as well as drug use, are not the origin of family violence, they are only the triggers,” said García Magaña.

If anyone needs support, they can call Salvemos una Vida, AC at 9245991; 
to the Comprehensive Program for Suicide Assistance at 9993103662 or the toll free mental health support line at 01 800 0000779.

Since the implementation of the Dry Law in Yucatan, two related suicides have occurred, because on Tuesday, April 14, in Tzucacab, a woman who spent all afternoon with her husband, decided to kill herself for no apparent reason, being found hanged by her 14-year-old son.

On April 16, a well-known farmer from Telchac Pueblo could not stand the abstinence from alcohol due to the dry law and chose to commit suicide in his own home located in this municipality located in northern Yucatan.

The dry law also incited the theft of 45 beer cartons and 10 bottles of liquor from a Tienda Six in Yaxkukul. The owner of a liquor store in Oxkutzcab was arrested for clandestinely selling beer.

Beers and spirits stolen in Yucatan in the middle of the Dry Law

Many arrests of clandestine vendors have been carried out in the state, most of them in the municipalities of Valladolid and Tizimín, but also in Cacalchén, where the municipal police managed to seize several liters of beer that were in 1,200-milliliter containers. and some cans.

No one can guarantee that this type of robbery will not be repeated, especially now that the Dry Law prevents the purchase of beers and spirits throughout Yucatan.

Just like during Prohibition in the U.S., booze is available, for a price, if you know where to go. Grillo said a can of Tecate Light is going for 180 pesos, and will go higher, and a bottle of Sol costs 80 pesos.

Unless it is extended, the dry law will continue another 11 days.

Source: laverdadnoticias.com, yucatanexpatlife.com

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