2020 gay pride parade in CDMX will be 100% digital


In the face of the health contingency caused by COVID-19 that is experienced worldwide, which prevents crowds on the streets, the IncludeT committee, which organizes the LGBTTTI + Pride March, decided that this year’s edition will be 100% virtual.

For this, a series of online activities will be offered on Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 12:00 to 22:00, which will be accompanied by various personalities, representatives of organizing committees of LGBT + pride marches in other Mexican states, civil society organizations, and musical groups.

Among the topics of this march will be the rights of trans childhoods, national approval of the same rights for all people throughout the country, the right to comprehensive health, to medicines, to inclusive work, to a life free of violence and discrimination.

It will also deal with issues related to the right to justice for hate crimes: although gay people recognize some progress in CDMX, they still feel threatened elsewhere in the country.

The IncludeT Committee informed that the 2020 edition, which will be the 42nd of the LGBTTTI + Pride March, will be an inclusive space for the vindication of rights and committed cultural expression, of which all people can be part.

“Let us commemorate this symbolic date of call to equality and respect for diversity. Let us continue to continuously fight for the well-being of all. We are sure that for our 2021 edition, we will meet again, embrace and take to the streets again, filling them of color, joy, and pride but also of strength, endurance, and dignity, “he said.

Source: OEM

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