Mexico National Guard protects the transfer of medical supplies in the country


National Guard agents continue the work of the receipt for the transfer of equipment and medical supplies that are purchased from other countries and are destined for hospitals of different states to combat COVID-19.

The uniformed personnel provided security in the transfer of fans from the Toluca International Airport, State of Mexico, to the warehouse of the Institute of Health for Welfare (Insabi) in Mexico City, which arrived from the United States, and the security work It will continue until they reach the entities that most require it.

“The above is part of the coordinated work with health, civil protection and public safety authorities of the 32 states, in order to provide security to facilities, medical personnel and the transfer of supplies in this health emergency,” they indicated.

For this reason, they reported that the physical presence outside the medical units will be maintained and work is carried out in coordination with the private security of the hospitals, who are in charge of security inside.

However, in the National Day of Sana Distancia and the # QuédateEnCasa campaign, promoted by the Government of Mexico, the National Guard invited citizens to attend to health recommendations to reduce the risk of contagion to preserve the health of Mexican families.


The Mazatlan Post