Coronavirus in Mexico May 15th: latest news, cases, and deaths


The figure for fatal losses amounts to more than four thousand throughout the country. Confirmed cases of coronavirus exceed 45 thousand, with the lethality of 10%.

Mexico is in phase 3 of the coronavirus health contingency and is currently experiencing the peak of infection in the Mexican Republic. That is why the Ministry of Health, in its most recent report, corresponding to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15, 2020, emphasized the confirmed cases of contagion that are actively involved.

4,767 deaths, 45,032 accumulated and 10,238 assets

Compared to the most recent report, the figure for fatal losses rises to 4,767  throughout the country. The cases confirmed by coronavirus total 45,032, with lethality of 10.6% at the moment.

Coronavirus cases by state in Mexico as of May 15

Federal entityAccumulatedDeathsAssets
Mexico City1245611972574
Mexico state75704531303
Baja California3040518431
Quintana Roo12572. 3. 4218
New Lion77649265
Jalisco767692. 3. 4
Sonora7573. 42. 3. 4
Baja California Sur4392653
San Luis Potosi39919180

22.7% of the accumulated infections correspond to cases considered as assets, with a total of 10,238. Only those positive cases, with symptoms onset date in the last 14 days, are considered as active and as a potential for contagion.

Mexico City, the most affected entity

The country’s capital is the state entity that registers the largest number of confirmed active cases, with 12,456 infections currently. Mexico City is also the state with the highest deaths, with 1,197 accumulated deaths. It is also the most dangerous contagion, with 2,574 assets.

Coronavirus map in Mexico by states and municipalities

Here you can see the interactive map by states offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here.

Here you can see the interactive map by municipalities offered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico. If you want to see it in full screen, click here

The central zone, Pacific and Southeast, those of greater alarm

The State of Mexico and Puebla are among the most affected in the central zone. The Mexican entity records 453 fatal losses, 7,570 accumulated cases, and 1,303 active cases. Puebla has suffered 180 deaths, 1,338 accumulated cases and 317 assets.

The Pacific has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Baja California has 518 deaths, 3,040 accumulated cases and 431 active cases. In Sinaloa, 261 people have died from COVID-19, 1,814 accumulated cases and 287 active cases are registered.

In the southeast of the country, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Quintana Roo also appear among the entities with the highest number of infections and deaths. Tabasco has lost 275 people, with 2,177 accumulated cases and 599 assets. Veracruz has 1,700 positives, 222 deaths and 445 current infections. Quintana Roo has suffered 234 fatal losses, with 1,257 accumulated infections and 218 assets.

IMSS Calls Recovered Covid-19 Patients to Donate Plasma to Treat Serious Cases

The Mexican Social Security Institute called for people recovered from Covid-19 to donate plasma, so that it can be used in the treatment of critically ill patients. This is an experimental procedure that only the IMSS can practice, being the first institution in the country with certification to carry it out. A few days ago, a 65-year-old patient was discharged from the La Raza hospital, in the country’s capital, after overcoming the disease thanks to receiving plasma from two recovered patients.

Mexico surpasses China in COVID deaths


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