Proudly Mexican, José Fernández is the designer of the suits for NASA astronauts who will travel on SpaceX’s first manned mission.

SpaceX’s spacesuits look like something out of a science fiction movie, and that is largely because its designer, the Mexican José Fernández, has collaborated in multiple films of this genre in Hollywood, from Men in Black to Ironman, going through Black Panther and Batman, among many others.

Now Elon Musk has left the mission of creating a tailored suit that fits the lines of the body of its users.

José Fernández

A task that was successfully accomplished, judging by how good NASA astronauts – Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken – looked in their first launch attempt on May 27.

Who is José Fernández?

But who is José Fernández and how did he come to design an astronaut suit for Space X.

Mexican costume designer, he began his career in 1989 as a sculptor of the curious creatures from the movie “Gremlins”.

During the nineties, he continued his time in Hollywood, earning the respect of the industry with his sculptures for films such as “Godzilla”, “Men in Black” and “Allien III”, as well or more familiar with the interstellar theme?

He collaborated for renowned characters such as Colleen Atwood and Tim Burton on “Batman Returns”, “Planet of the Apes” and “Sleepy Hollow”.

Superhero Movies

From there it is that José Fernández strengthened his link with superhero movies.

He built special costumes for characters from “X-Men United” and “Fantastic Four”. The latter gave him his first official credit as a costume designer.

Towards the end of 2007, he made the decision to open his own store, Ironhead Studio.

His most recent works include helmet designs and costumes from the Black Panther movie, as well as “Captain America: Civil War”, “Batman vs Superman” and ‘Iron Man 2’.

Outside the cinema

As a result of his work in the cinema, José Fernández has been sought after by influential characters who are not part of the celluloid industry.

An example of this is the electronic music duo Daft Punk, who sought him out to design the famous helmets they wore during their presentation at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

José Fernández

But without a doubt, the clearest example of this interdisciplinarity we will have before our eyes in this second attempt at the SpaceX launch, when the astronauts in charge of the mission once again wear that suit so different from any other.

How are the suits designed by José Fernández

Released for at least a couple of years, the suits designed by the Mexican José Fernández are truly eye-catching.

More attached to the world of science fiction movies than documentaries.

José Fernández

Extremely sober, minimalist, but with a futuristic concept, without a doubt, since they are not the costumes we saw in feature films such as Gravity by the other Mexican pride, Alfonso Cuarón.

It is something more revolutionized, but at the same time austere, clean, completely white with some contrast lines in black.

And the most curious thing is that José Fernández had to design only the helmet, which by itself gives a different aesthetic to the entire suit.

But his concept liked Elon Musk so much that he ended up putting together the entire spacesuit.

In a press release, NASA reported that the suits weigh about nine kilos and have the helmet and visor built into the suit rather than being detachable.

The gloves are designed to work with touchscreens. The suit has vents to keep astronauts cool and allow for instant pressurization.


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