Military arsenal brought from the USA to Tamaulipas


The Special Operations Group secured an arsenal among which three high-powered machine guns stand out, as one of them has the capacity to fire 700 shots per minute.

An arsenal hidden in refrigeration equipment was detected by a trained dog and then discovered by police, Excelsior reports.

This arsenal entered from the United States into Mexico, through the customs of Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, which borders Rome, Texas.

As part of an organized crime operation that operates in the city of Reynosa, agents from the Special Operations Group of the Tamaulipas Security Secretariat secured an arsenal among which three highly powerful machine guns stand out, as one of them has the capacity to carry out shots up to 700 times per minute.

Through a report, the Tamaulipas Security Secretariat reported that the weapons were inside refrigeration equipment and that they were kept in a workshop.

According to videos leaked to the press, it can be seen that with the help of a pair it was how they were able to discover that the weapons were found inside the refrigeration equipment.

They detailed that in total there are 54 weapons, of which two are 50 caliber Barret machine guns, capable of shooting down a helicopter but the authorities were more powerfully drawn to another lethal weapon.

It is a Kalashnikov, it stands out for being light, it is equipped for both short and long range attacks and it has the capacity to make 700 shots in one minute.

Within the war team there are also 28,800 cartridges, and 151 chargers.

The agency assured that all the equipment is new and there were no detainees.

The area where the assurance was made is influenced by the Gulf Cartel, but since April 2017 it has had an intestinal fight between the cells to impose its hegemony after the dejection of its regional leader Juan Manuel Loisa Salinas, “El Comandante Toro”.


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