YUCATÁN.- Yucatán already has the first marine cemetery in Latin America, which, in addition to paying a worthy tribute to all the deceased in 2020, will generate a scenario that will allow to preserve and create life in the marine ecosystem.

They are 23 artificial reefs where bronze plaques with the names of the deceased were placed, which were placed in the depths of the Yucatan ocean.

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The project is in charge of Senorial Chapels in conjunction with the Reef Ball International foundation, who this September 20 made a live broadcast where the placement of the reefs is taught, as well as an Aqua tribute, intended for the people who were recorded in plates.

For several weeks, the company made the call for people who have lost a family member to the pandemic and did not have the farewell ritual they deserved, they can send their names and be added on the plates at no cost.

The reefs were placed in the coastal area of ​​the Silcer San Benito club, located at kilometer 25 of the Progreso-Telchac Puerto highway, an area with very friendly conditions, shallow and no current.

It will also be a tourist attraction, where family members or anyone with or without experience can descend to interact with the reefs.

In the world, the Reef Ball International foundation has submerged more than 1,000,000 structures and Stately Chapels was part on this occasion of the great effort to reforest the seas, which is the first marine cemetery in Latin America.

In addition, the possibility of placing cremated remains inside the reefs will also be contemplated and reported in due course so that loved ones can rest in eternity under the sea.

“This is the beginning of a memorial site, practically the first stone, it will be to take the first step and make a memorial site that can be active for many years,” said the directors.


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