Xalapa Veracruz City Council recovers public spaces in Xallitic


Xalapa Veracruz. With the purpose of improving the urban image and rescuing public spaces, authorities and municipal officials planted a native ash tree of the mountain mesophilic forest in Plazuela del Carbón, an activity that is added to the maintenance work carried out in the area and the Xallitic esplanade since July.

At the site, the municipal president Hipólito Rodríguez Herrero confirmed the cleaning and repair of the blacksmith shop that protects the historic tree of European origin that is in the square, which is 140 years old. Also, the placement of four stone and three wooden benches, so that society can enjoy this place.

Later, accompanied by the council members Guillermina Ramírez Rodríguez, María Consuelo Niembro Domínguez, and Consuelo Ocampo Cano, he toured the steps that lead to Plaza Xallitic, where the main waterfalls and fountains were put into operation, after three years of not working.

“It is a natural setting where families can enjoy a good landscape, go for a walk or sit on the benches. The facades of the houses were painted, everything necessary was repaired to give the population recreational spaces ”.

During the tour, it was explained that more than 40 workers from the Parks and Gardens area erased graffiti, repaired walls and painted the walls. Similarly, flowers and ornamental plants were planted to beautify the green areas.

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Mechanized veneering and potting soil were also carried out, and the laundry rooms were cleaned and their walls and arches painted.

People who have lived in the area for more than 50 years appreciated the work carried out by the Municipal Government, as well as the approach of the Mayor to listen to their demands.

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Angélica Santorún Serdán acknowledged that for many years no one had bothered to compose the sources.

“They look so beautiful, everything looks more beautiful. I’m glad you already paid attention to Xallitic. This is Historical Heritage ”.

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The head of the block and president of Cultural Events, María Pérez Barradas, appreciated the rescue of the square which, she said, hundreds of families attend. “We thank the Municipal President, since he arrived he has assisted us, he is the first to help us and now we see his concern for the area.”

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The director of Environment and Sustainability, Juan Carlos Olivo Escudero; the deputy director of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Fernando Ramírez Ramírez; the head of the Biodiversity and Climate Change Department, Magdaleno Mendoza Hernández, as well as the Director of Citizen Participation, Francisco Domínguez Canseco.

Source: eldemocrata.com

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