Covid-19 is like the flu says Ricardo Salinas Pliego Mexico second-richest man


The businessman said that he is ready to continue working and playing golf, after suffering from the disease derived from the new coronavirus

The second richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, revealed on his Twitter account how he has lived his experience with Covid-19, which he has suffered since October 14.

“I feel very good, in my experience, the Covid-19 was like the flu, my symptoms were body aches for 2 days and some headache. I already feel as if nothing had happened, ready to continue working and playing golf ”, informed the businessman.

Salinas Pliego has caused controversy for his position in the face of the government measures that have been imposed throughout the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

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On March 24, Salinas Pliego addressed a few words to his employees from Tiendas Elektra, Banco Azteca, Tv Azteca, Totalplay and, the rest of the Grupo Salinas areas, which were going to continue open since they were essential to continue “serving Mexico ”.

There were even reports of infections by workers in their business facilities. Despite this situation, the magnate resisted closing doors.

In early July, the businessman assured that “those who live from day to day” will face the most serious consequences of the pandemic, which is why the “most powerful tool, which is the mind” was needed to think and break the siege of panic in the that we currently live.


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