Mexico wrestling AAA and Marvel unite their heroes and villains


In Mexico, there is a popular belief that fighters are like superheroes but in real life. With an almost parallel narrative, in which both protect their secret identities either through a mask or makeup, the wrestlers inspire thousands of fans and engage in great confrontations against bitter rivals.

Marvel: Lucha Libre Edition –

Can you imagine Marvel characters as Mexican fighters? Well, this will be possible thanks to the alliance between Triple AAA and Disney. Very soon your favorite heroes and villains will face off in the ring.  

Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: the alliance with Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico to turn comic book heroes into fighters


Triple AAA and Disney team up

During a press conference, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide announced its alliance with Marvel, the Walt Disney Company. With this decision, they want to embody superheroes with exponents of the Mexican struggle. 

Marvel characters have marked generations and their impact goes beyond the world of cinema and comics. This was pointed out by the director of consumer products of the Walt Disney Company, Luis Lomelí. 

For this reason, they want to develop a local product and for this, they will join up with Triple-A. This alliance is called Marvel Lucha Libre Edition. 

Se presentó la colección Marvel Lucha Libre Edition – Más Lucha

Wrestling with Marvel heroes and villains

In the first phase the characters will be introduced, where the heroes will be the Technicians and the villains, the Rudos. Later, live shows would be held throughout the country as long as the situation due to the pandemic allows it. 

They have already introduced some characters such as Arachno and American Legend who will face Purple Terror and Poison. These heroes and villains are inspired by Spider Man, Captain America, Thanos, and Venom, respectively. 

Marvel Lucha Libre Edition

For his part, the general director of Lucha Libre, Dorian Roldán excitedly published the news on social networks. For him, Mexican wrestlers are the closest thing to superheroes in real life.

Soon you will be able to see them!

In addition, items with the Marvel Lucha Libre Edition characters would be launched: toys, clothing, food products or personal hygiene.

This project would start in December in one of the most important events of Mexican Wrestling: Triplemanía XXVIII. Although it will depend on the evolution of the current pandemic. 

After half a year without offering performances with the public, it is now possible to see the fights from your car. Since last October 2, they have performed three functions a day with all the corresponding sanitary measures. 

Those who do not attend Triplemanía but want to enjoy this great event will be able to do so through a live platform and broadcast on the open television signal, as well as on pay TV.

“Something important is that we are bringing the essence of wrestling, this is a show for families, a show made by professionals, by great sports talents, that we are going to do and we are not going to lose sight of it,” he concluded.

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