Seller of ‘Hot Dogs’ falls asleep and young people end up selling


On TikTok, the moment when the man who sell ‘Hot Dogs’ falls asleep went viral and when a group of young people see it, they did this.

A group of young people went viral after they discovered that the hot dog man would fall asleep in his food stall, it was clear that the seller was very tired, so the reaction of the boys was incredible.

The viral video that La Verdad Noticias talks about occurs before the end of the year, so these ‘youngsters’ decided to do a noble action.

It turns out the boys, seeing that the man was fast asleep, approached the stall and began to sell the food to the people who wanted to buy.

Many of the jobs in Mexico require physical strength, something that can leave anyone exhausted, which is why these young people helped the “perrero”.

The video quickly went viral because the young people, realizing that the seller had fallen asleep, decided to give him a hand and help him sell so that the seller could rest and thus not lose the sale.

As expected, the clip quickly went viral and has already accumulated more than 800,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“the best in Veracruz”

“I can only think of how many hours the man works to fall asleep :(if it is his second job at night / early morning to get more $ for the family”

“Poor man, he was already very tired”

As the doubts spread in another video, the issue was clarified, the profits of the ‘jochos’ were collected and delivered to the seller of the ‘Hot Dogs’.

Source: La Verdad