Three corpses were found inside a well in Veracruz, but without heads


Three bodies were in a well in the municipality of Xalapa, in Veracruz; According to the authorities, the remains were not complete as the head of one of the victims was missing.

In the Paso del Toro community, municipality of Xalapa, in Veracruz, the remains of three people were found who were presumably already in an advanced state of decomposition; the corpses were inside a well.

In a report, the authorities indicated that the remains were not complete, since the head of one of the victims was missing and the agents who were in charge of the operation to recover the remains returned a second time to “search” the area, since that the discovery of the remains occurred on Tuesday night.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not confirmed the identity of the remains that apparently had already been in well for weeks, so it will be until they carry out the analysis of the remains and compare them with the samples of the relatives of missing persons who have denounced, as they may establish the identity of the three corpses.

Source: Excelsior