18 bodies found in coolers in Poza Rica, Veracruz; 16 arrested in the case


The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that through coordinated operations with state and federal forces, 16 people are detained, who were allegedly members of the Jalisco Nueva Geneación Cartel (CJNG).

It was explained that this criminal group is related to the discovery of human remains in two properties in the city of Poza Rica, Veracruz, which occurred on August 13. The Prosecutor’s Office is in the process of completing various arrest warrants against other people belonging to the same criminal cell.

He also confirmed the presence of five more bodies that had been reported to have been found, which were 13, making a total of 18.

“We are in the process of confirmation by the genetics discipline of four other individuals, to be certain of the association. It is reported that the protocol for notification and dignified delivery of a victim with a reserved identity was carried out and the process of identification, notification and delivery of another individual is advanced,” he noted.

It was also reported that so far there is no data indicating that any of the bodies found are those of a foreigner.

On August 13, in the municipality of Poza Rica, Veracruz, two safe houses used by criminal groups were located, where dozens of human remains were found, packaged and frozen in refrigerators.

Initially it was reported that the remains belonged to 13 people, however, last Thursday, September 14, it was confirmed that the number had increased to 18.

Last Monday, September 11, the governor of the State, Cuitláhuac García, announced that some of the victims had already been identified and their remains were already found with their families.

In his usual Monday press conference, García was questioned about the issue. He specified that the FGE continues with the investigations. “Some bodies have already been delivered to families. Not all of them, identification is easy due to the way in which they were found, but there is dialogue and there it goes, the prosecutor’s office takes care of it,” he said.

“Look, it is up to us to go against those responsible. We already have those arrested; we have the perpetrator: the one who led that cell to carry out this multiple homicide is arrested. Of course, those who were found at that time were detained there, but we had to go after whoever planned it, and he is detained,” he added.

Source: Infobae