Salsa Fest 2024: Route to get to the Veracruz Salsódromo?


The biggest salsa party in Mexico is starting, do you know how to get to the Veracruz Salsódromo?

The most important salsa festival in Mexico begins this week, Thursday June 13 to Saturday June 15, Veracruz will be the epicenter of the best exponents of this musical genre that year after year makes all Veracruzans and tourists who reserved their seats to enjoy the artists’ performances dance.

At 5:00 p.m., according to the organizers, you will be able to enter the Veracruz Salsódromo that has already been installed. Remember that tickets can be obtained online on the official website of the salsa festival. If you still don’t have one, we’ll leave you the link so you can look for them, in case there is still space, SALSAFESTBOLETOS.

Where is the Veracruz Salsódromo located?

If you already have the tickets, you have your hotel reservations, in case you live outside the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area, but another detail to consider is getting to the venue, since many of the attendees may be visiting the Salsa Fest for the first time and the Veracruz Salsódromo is a space that is set up every year.

For this reason, we are going to share with you the route to follow when you arrive at Veracruz-Boca del Río, so that you can have an idea of ​​where to go. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t confirmed your attendance at the festival yet, since it’s three days of pure dancing and fun, but you could miss the artists from the first day of activities.

The Veracruz Salsódromo is located in the Vicente Fox Boulevard area in Boca del Río, next to the beach. It’s very easy to get to, although keep in mind that access to the venue and the streets surrounding the Salsódromo could be closed or have many attendees, so it’s advisable to arrive well in advance.

If you live in Xalapa, the route starts from the Xalapa Bus Station and the trip takes about 2 hours, although if you go by car you could get there in less time, but always taking precautionary measures when you are driving, if you go by bus check the runs to know which ones are free.

Salsa Fest 2024: Access route to the Veracruz Salsódromo
It should be noted that already installed on Vicente Fox Quesada Boulevard, you will have two spaces to enter the Veracruz Salsódromo, the first one which will be the general access is located on Vicente Fox Boulevard corner with Miguel Alemán Boulevard, the entrance is at 5:00 p.m., to start waiting for the first concert of the day.

The other entrance to the festival can be found on Allende Street next to one of the most beautiful musical venues in Veracruz, the Boca Forum, but that access is for those who have a VIP ticket; There’s no getting lost, as long as you find the Veracruz Boulevard, there you can guide yourself to get to the biggest salsa party in Mexico, are you ready to dance?

Salsa Fest 2024: How to get to the Veracruz Salsódromo?

Another option to get to the Veracruz Salsódromo is to ask for Playa Santa Ana, which is located on the same boulevard, although you can have the Historic Center of Veracruz as a location point, you can get on an urban bus that takes you along Avenida General Prim, another location point is the souvenir tram, if you see it, you are on the right track.

It should be noted that the route also works if you go by car, when the tram passes, you have to go to Manuel Ávila Camacho Boulevard until you reach the Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Boulevard area, remember if you go by car, respect all the signs, go through a couple of shopping centers until you reach Miguel Alemán Boulevard and then go to Vicente Fox Boulevard.

There is no loss, whether by taxi, city bus or private car, the route to get to the Veracruz Salsódromo is the same, it should be noted that the arrival time can vary depending on traffic, so you must be patient or leave your vehicle behind and walk, that is up to the person, enjoy the party!

Source: diariodexalapa