We need to promote Veracruz festivities to increase economic impact: Coparmex


It doesn’t matter what date the festivities take place in the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area, the most important thing is to promote and encourage these activities to increase the arrival of tourists and provoke an economic spillover, said the president of Coparmex, Manuel Liaño Carrera.

«I think it is important that the vacation periods, the Christmas periods, Easter, the long weekends, the festivities such as Carnival, the Santa Ana festivities, the Salsa Festival, are activities that we need to promote and encourage, no matter the time of year because at the end of the day we need to stimulate and encourage tourism and consumption in Veracruz,» he stressed.

The businessman mentioned that it is important to open spaces for dialogue between civil society, governments and the business sector, to analyze the pros and cons of the festivities and vacation seasons, in order to achieve a synergy that benefits everyone.

“There is always controversy, it always generates different opinions, there are always incidents, but it seems to me that on this occasion, this year, there is evidence that there were a lot of tourists, a lot of Veracruzans who were participating in the parades and the walks,” he said.

Finally, he said that the numbers reported so far by the hotel and restaurant sector have been good.

Source: plumaslibres