CDMX trying to contain coronavirus outbreak after tourist with virus toured the city


The man of Chinese nationality and his family moved in Uber to and from the AICM, stayed at the Hilton Hotel of the Historic Center, visited a museum and the Cathedral; He developed symptoms in the country, but it was in the US where it was confirmed.

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A coronavirus carrier confirmed in the United States he was in Mexico City, ate tacos, entered the Metropolitan Cathedral and he stayed at the Hilton Hotel in the Historic Center.

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It is the case that has merited the monitoring of the two conductors of Uber who transferred him to and from the Mexico City International Airport, where he also ate at an establishment whose name he does not remember and 240 users who approached the units.

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The Department of Health of the United States informed the Directorate General of Epidemiology about a positive case of a positive tourist to the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) confirmed on January 25 by the laboratory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who traveled from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City and in fact, presented symptoms before returning to the US.

The DGE suggested to health authorities throughout the country “strengthening epidemiological surveillance measures, including the follow-up of contacts for 14 days after exposure”.

This is a male, whose initials are QL, of Chinese citizenship, born on January 9, 1982, who traveled from January 20 from Los Angeles to Mexico City, flight Delta Airlines 0573 and January 22 of the City from Mexico to Los Angeles, flight American Airlines 2546.

The places he visited on January 20 once he landed at the Mexico City International Airport: Uber took the Hilton Mexico City Reforma hotel. He traveled with the family and with the driver.

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On January 21, he had breakfast and dinner at the hotel. All meals were at the hotel except January 21, which was in a small establishment in Mexico City.

That day, the positive Chinese tourist and his family toured historical areas. He walked from the Hilton Hotel to a “historic old street”, about 1 or 2 kilometers; They entered the Metropolitan Cathedral.

“They entered a museum and a store, but they don’t remember their names. Food during the tour were tacos. The family does not remember the name of the restaurant. The appearance of symptoms in the evening ”of that January 21.

On January 22, they took flight AA 2546 from Mexico City to Los Angeles. To get to the air terminal they took an Uber and at the AICM they ate at a restaurant which they don’t remember the name of.

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