This is the mysterious origin of Cancuncito, island off the coast of Veracruz


One of the smallest and most enigmatic islands on the jarocha coast. We tell you its origin and why it sometimes seems to disappear in the sea

The coast of Veracruz has a large number of specific places that tourists prefer to visit to have a great experience on the beach. One of these points is the one known as Cancuncito Island, which is a small islet of white sand located in front of the city of Veracruz.

However, this small island has a mysterious origin and, in addition, some almost “magical” qualities.

It was formed 35 years ago

Unlike the other islands off the jarocha coast, such as the Island of Sacrifices, which has existed for thousands of years as an elevation of the seabed, Cancuncito Island was formed in 1988, so it is only 35 years old.

This occurred during the passage of Hurricane Gilberto, in September 1988, which reached category 5 before hitting the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the strong tides generated by this hurricane, which entered through the state of Tamaulipas and caused a large amount of damage and deaths along its path.

However, on the coast of Veracruz, the strong surge altered the current and, added to a large deposit of sediments, a mound was formed that gradually exceeded the sea level and formed a small island of white sand.

It disappears from time to time

For years, Cancuncito has been used by locals and tourists to hang out on a beach, but in the middle of the sea. Fishermen and boatmen started tours to take people from the coast of Veracruz to the small island, where they spend the day swimming in crystal clear and shallow water.

However, during the storm and hurricane season, this island tends to disappear, since it is only a few meters above sea level, the increase in waves causes Cancuncito to be covered by the sea, and sometimes the tide dissolves the mound of sand, but with the passing of the days, it accumulates again and protrudes from the sea again.

Its sand is not sand

The material with which Cancuncito was initially formed came from reefs and corals destroyed by the passage of the hurricane, which formed a mound that protruded from the sea, next to the Island of Sacrifices. Because its composition was coral dust, the “beach” in the middle of the sea resembles those of Cancun, so the current name of the islet was adopted.

Over the years, the tides bring more remains of corals, and mixed with clean sand from the seabed, this beach continues with its attraction of white sand and transparent waters.

Source: La Silla Rota