Influencer from Barcelona falls in love with the towns of Veracruz, what places did she recommend?


Veracruz was one of the destinations that caught the attention of Mónica, better known for her YouTube channel “En los zapatos de Mónica”

The beautiful lands of Veracruz have countless attractions that are often not recognized by the locals, however, many content creators contribute to show small and unique corners of our state so that, if you do not have any plans, you know what could be your next destination.

Specifically, we talk about Mónica, better known for her YouTube channel “En los zapatos de Mónica” and considered one of the most important content creators on the platform for showing beautiful tourist spots, specifically from our country.

Of Spanish nationality but living in Mexico, the young woman has dedicated herself to creating countless videos where she takes you to explore various states of our country and recently, Veracruz was one of the destinations that caught her attention for the places she visited, what are they?

What places in Veracruz did Mónica visit?

With more than 300 thousand subscribers, the young woman surprised all her followers by visiting the beautiful and mystical lands of Catemaco, a city located in the south of the state of Veracruz and widely known for being “the cradle of witchcraft”, as well as shamans and sorcerers.

As a first must-see of the place, Moni takes all her followers to the beautiful and imposing Basilica of Our Lady of Carmen, located in a small central park of the city. Adorned with attractive shades of white and blue, the Basilica is one of the must-sees, as it dates from the 17th century and its origin was given by the appearance of the Virgin of Carmen before a fisherman.

Appreciated for granting many miracles to the inhabitants, from there lies the importance of this emblematic place.

As part of the traditions when visiting the Basilica, Moni makes the respective offering of basil, which are offered by several women who are outside the building.

Of course, the typical dishes could not be missing from the recommended activities, as they are a jewel of the area, specifically of the famous tegogolos, do you know them? Considered as an aphrodisiac food, it consists of a snail that is only found in the lagoon of Catemaco and one of the most delicious.

Another recommendation is the waterfall known as the Salto de Eyipantla, an attraction that has been immortalized in a scene from the famous movie Apocalypto. Located in San Andrés Tuxtla, very close to Catemaco, the site has an approximate height of 60 meters.

As a last tour of this area, you cannot leave without visiting the beautiful Laguna de Catemaco, a place where you can sail thanks to the boatmen who are in the surroundings and offer their services for an unforgettable ride.

The ride includes some points of interest such as some Olmec heads placed on the banks, however, another of the most striking places are the island of the herons and the monkeys, species that, without a doubt, steal the look.

Is it the only place in Veracruz recommended by the influencer? Moni highlights this place, however, on her channel there are some other recommended spaces from the Port of Veracruz, Tlacotalpan, Orizaba or the beautiful Isla de En medio.

With more than 200 thousand views, the videos invite you to know each city of our state, so now you have places of interest to escape for a weekend or plan your next vacation.

Source: Diario de Jalapa