Videos: Couple attacked in Mamitas beach in Playa del Carmen by police will press charges


Playa del Carmen.- Naked and doing squats, so the Tourist Police had a couple who were handcuffed and forcibly taken off Sunday from the beach in front of the Mamita’s club, at the request of this concessionaire, just for being making use of this space That is supposed to be public. Now, they only ask that their rights be respected, so they will continue their criminal complaint, while at the same time stating that they accept the public apology from the City Council, which they thank for their quick response.

Azeneth Marín, dancer, and Daniel Sánchez, singer, both originally from Mexico City but residents of Playa del Carmen, gave a press conference this morning to detail what they suffered Sunday at this beach and then in police custody.

The couple went to this beach and seeing how erosion has progressed in recent years, they settled in the lounge area, but without using this equipment, taking into account that they were within the 20-meter strip of the federal zone.

It was not 10 minutes and Mamita’s staff came to demand that they leave, but from the beginning to the end they explained that they would not, because they were on a public beach. Soon the manager arrived, who in a more aggressive tone, demanded his departure.

The couple, aware of their rights, told him to show him an order from the government where his presence was banned from the place, the manager responding that he would not, because “they are not his customers”, and adding that he would call to the police, who would “explain” why they should leave. Here, they deny the assertion by the company, which in a statement pointed out that it was they who invited them to call the authority.

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Posted by Ali Gmz Nech on Sunday, February 16, 2020

The manager retired and in less than five minutes a couple of tourist police officers came, and assaulted them, without asking what was happening or trying to dialogue.

A policeman even asked Mamita’s staff “is that them?”, To immediately proceed to handcuff them.

The agents, who arrived clearly with clear orders, began to physically assault them, twisting their arms to handcuff them, receiving Azeneth also a blow to the leg by this policewoman.

Fearful of what might happen, they began to shout for help, at which time citizens began to record what was happening and even try to make a “human fence” to prevent them from being taken, but the police began to threaten them.

The policewoman said in Azeneth’s ear “right now in the patrol car you will see how you are doing.”

“It didn’t take more than five minutes; they directed us to the patrols and on the way to the separators, they treated us like criminals. All the way they mocked and intimidated, trying to provoke us, but we didn’t tell them anything, ”said Azeneth.

For her part, Commander Baltazar Díaz, in charge of the Office of the Tourist Police, informed that they are already reviewing the case, as the authorities responded to a 911 call from the concessionaire and that the action protocols are being reviewed.


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