Sectur announces the arrival of 3 new international airlines to Mexico


The Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) plans the arrival of three new international airlines to Mexico, as part of the country’s connectivity plan with the world and regionally.

Although the Sectur did not report what they will be or the period of operation, he stressed that external connections generate greater opportunities for the nations involved, as well as the unleashing of tourist relations at other points and commercial exchange.

The official announcement of the three airlines would be made within the framework of the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico, to be held next week in Mérida, Yucatán. Likewise, at that time it will be confirmed to which airport these airlines will arrive.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Vásquez Colmenares, head of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency said that at the moment they have not received any request from any foreign airline, and that, if they arrived, the safest thing is that they would not do so at the International Airport of the Mexico City (AICM), given the saturation experienced by this terminal.

As an example, the arrival of lines such as Turkish Airlines and Emirates, which produce and promise a growth in international demand, was exposed.

“Currently the number of tourists arriving from the United Arab Emirates is not much, but work is being done to increase it. Last year, 619 visitors arrived in our country by air, which, nevertheless, represented an increase of 18.4% over the previous year. It is a great potential market that will increase year after year, ”said Miguel Torruco Marqués, the head of the agency, a few weeks ago.

According to the Sectur, during 2019, 619 tourists arrived from the United Arab Emirates, who left an economic spill of 619 thousand 549 dollars, 28% more than in 2018, with an average of one thousand dollars per visitor.

Among the destinations they visit, there is Cancun (49.1%), Mexico City (39.1%), Los Cabos (5.2%), Puerto Vallarta (2.7%) and Guadalajara (1.5%).

On the other hand, Turkish Airlines landed in Mexico last August, with three weekly flights linking the new Istanbul International Airport and Mexico City, with a technical stopover in Cancun.

This carrier exceeded 26 thousand passengers in the first four months of operation of this new route.

The AICM will reduce the actual allocation of slots by 6% for this year, said Rodrigo Vásquez Colmenares, head of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency last month.

This does not mean that there is no longer the possibility of opening new operating hours in the AICM. Although there are currently no more slots available in the capital terminal, if one becomes unoccupied, it can be delivered to an airline, which follows due process. 

Source: nitu, A21.Mx

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