Due to coronavirus, Guatemala closes its border with Mexico


The Guatemalan government closed more than 600 kilometers of the border starting at 00:00 hours on Tuesday, with the support of Army and Health Ministry personnel, who will prevent the entry of Mexicans and foreigners from 12 countries for one space. 15 days.

Within its main border points, where it stationed its personnel, is the El Carmen municipality of San Marcos, Guatemala, where access was restricted from the first seconds of Tuesday to anyone trying to enter from national territory.

The border closure will be 15 days.

Only Guatemalans, residents and the diplomatic corps accredited in the country may enter, who must submit to a mandatory quarantine immediately upon entering Guatemala.

The personnel of the Ministry of Health located in that border area, will continuously take the temperature of each of the citizens and warn them that they only have the right to pass Guatemalans, but the order is to leave a photocopy in case of bringing a vehicle, passport, in addition to the address of the house, telephone number to pass.

Only Guatemalans and their diplomatic personnel may enter Guatemala.

Only Guatemalans and their diplomatic personnel may enter Guatemala.Photo: Guatemalan Army.

  • Among the main border points bordering Mexico are Tecún Umán in the department of San Marcos, the border area with the highest traffic of people located near the Suchiate River, a natural tributary that divides Mexico from Guatemala. In addition, the accesses were also closed at the border point of the table, the main control point that has 4 kilometers from each country.

The country of eternal spring borders four countries: with Mexico to the north, to the west with Belize, to the south with El Salvador and to the east with Honduras, with all these nations Guatemala will be isolated by air.

The Guatemalan Army implements border surveillance.

The Guatemalan Army implements border surveillance.

Since Monday night, the government of the Republic of Guatemala said that in order to face the COVID-19 pandemic, provisions were put in place that went into effect this Tuesday from 00:00 until next March 31 at midnight.

Source: unotv.com, yucatan.com.mx, .eleconomista.com.mx

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