Motul Yucatan on lockdown 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19


Motul prohibits entry to tourists and Yucatan government closes nightclubs

The health contingency for the Covid-19 coronavirus urged the authorities of Motul to take a radical measure: they prohibit the entry of tourists and people from other cities

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The health contingency for the Covid-19 coronavirus urged the authorities of Motul to take a radical measure: they prohibit the entry of tourists and people from other cities, at least until April 20.

Mayor Roger Aguilar Arroyo stated that this decision was made in conjunction with the council and that he does not care about the criticism that he will receive, because according to what he said, the most important thing is the health of the Moutuleños.

Motul closed after the state Health Secretariat reported that 13 positive cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Yucatan and that there are seven more suspects.

The municipal president acknowledged that the fear is that the people who became ill live in Mérida and that this city is 20 minutes from Motul.

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For this reason, since eight in the morning, they placed sanitary filters at all entrances to that town, which connect to Muxupip, Suma, Cacalchén, Telchac, and the Yucatan capital of Merida.

Municipal police and health personnel take the temperature of those who arrive in vehicles and ask where they are from. Those who do not have their domicile in the city cannot pass.

” At the moment only those who live here can enter, we are not allowing the passage of tourists, it is a preventive measure, ” said Jorge Barroso, head of ambulances at the town hall

For its part, the director of TourismAdriana Can Celis, acknowledged that this measure will strongly affect Motul’s economy since it is estimated that approximately 3 thousand tourists will stop entering.

” On average, that is the number of visitors we receive per month, who come to eat Motuleño eggs, visit the Felipe Carrillo Puerto museum, the convents tour, the Sambulá cenote and the market, ” he said.

Nightlife will end at 10 pm

For its part, the State Government reported that it has ordered the temporary closure, starting today, of bars, clubs, and nightclubs as part of the prevention measures against the contingency for the Covid-19 coronavirus. Likewise, restaurants and cafes must suspend activities from 10 pm.

Similarly, he called on the population to use the restaurants of preference in-home delivery and through platforms to reduce the possibility of contagion.

As for older adults who work in stores and supermarkets packing consumer goods, the State Government calls for companies to have measures to support them so that they do not have to carry out these tasks for the duration of the contingency since it is a highly vulnerable population.


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