Cigarette manufacture in Mexico suspends work due to COVID-19


Company in Mexico announced that it will suspend its production and marketing of cigarettes

Both the breweries and the cigar manufacturers have announced that they will stop the operation of their production and distribution in Mexico, due to the health contingency due to the covid-19 coronavirus.

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Like beer, also no more cigarettes
In the case of alcoholic beveragesGrupo Modelo and Heineken unveiled this Sunday will complete the process of suspending production and distribution of beer, as a measure of compliance with the agreement establishing which sectors are essential for the economy to continue operating in the health emergency situation derived from this emergency.

The two companies assured in their respective communications that they would lower their plant operations to the minimum necessary to avoid irreversible effects that would make the reactivation of their activities impossible.

For their part, the manufacturers of Corona and Victoria assured that “in the event that the Federal Government considers it appropriate to issue some clarification confirming beer as an agro-industrial product, at Grupo Modelo we are ready to execute a plan with more than 75% of our staff working from home and at the same time guaranteeing the supply of beer . 

After this, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) said in his morning conference on Friday that there is a thorough review of the products that are essential and the plants and companies considered essential to the economy.

“There was talk that you could not turn off the furnaces for the production of steel, because the restoration would take a long time , ” said the president.

In addition, Heineken stressed that consumers will buy their products stocked in outlets in accordance with the provisions of the authorities.

Cigars also stop manufacturing
For its part, the British American Tobacco company announced that it will suspend its production and marketing of cigarettes in Mexico in the face of the coronavirus emergency.

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Among the brands the company makes are Pall MallLucky StrikeKentMontana ShotsBohemios and Gol.

In a statement, they reported that “we have decided to suspend the operation at the factory and activities of our sales force. Therefore, our factory, offices and different distributors throughout the country will remain closed until further notice . 


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