Father turns their house into a cinema for their little son in Veracruz stuck in quarantine


In social networks, a family from Veracruz went viral after they transformed their house into a real cinema 

The images of the event were shared by the mother, who explained on her Facebook account that her little son is a fan of going to see movies; However, in this quarantine, he has not been able to leave, so they decided to fulfill his dream without leaving home.

My son is a fan of the cinema and I think it is the most strange thing to visit in this contingency and since we cannot go, we brought the cinema home with his father, it was a great surprise. Mariel Mavil, a mother from Veracruz who brought the cinema to her home in quarantine.

Photo: Mariel Mavil

When the little boy expressed his desire to go to the cinema to see a movie, his parents, Mariel and Martín, used their ingenuity to try to fulfill the experience for their son despite being confined by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mariel and Martín bought snacks, printed some tickets and posters for their son’s favorite movies, installed a projector, took out the computer, turned down the lights in the house, and set their imaginations flying.

Mariel Mavil

When the boy walked through the door, he was surprised that the room had been turned into a real cinema with a box office, a billboard, a candy store, and a big screen.

His parents were dressed as employees and they provided an excellent service, as they gave him a drink in a glass “How to train your dragon” and they prepared a Mickey Mouse hot cake.

Mariel Mavil

After his dad indicated the available movies, the little boy chose and received newsletters so that he could “go in” to watch the tape.

Mariel Mavil
  • The comfortable living room of his house was already waiting for him.

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Mariel Mavil

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