Mexicans turn to medicinal plants, herbs, and even witchcraft…


In recent weeks, people who sell medicinal herbs to treat arthritis, diabetes, and other illnesses have seen their sales collapse. Very few people go out to markets amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and when they do, they request herbs and natural remedies to treat the novel coronavirus.

In Coahuila, one of these merchants recommends drinking a green tea, chamomile, and dandelion brew that allegedly boosts the immune system.

However, the man says it’s important to follow the instructions given by the health authorities such as washing your hands but says he will be there in case people want to buy some tea.

Another woman who also sells medicinal herbs, says people have been asking for those three ingredients after some videos have gone viral online.

According to the vendor, you must boil the green tea, chamomile, and dandelion and drink the tea in order to strengthen the immune system and prevent contacting COVID-19.

According to the woman, who has been in the business for 20 years, dandelion is good for the lungs and the respiratory tract. Since the novel coronavirus arrived in the state, around 10 people have arrived looking for the herbs.

In Toluca, the sale of candles against COVID-19 Has increased in recent weeks. According to a woman who sells amulets and spells in the local market, faith seems to be one of the biggest protections people have against the novel coronavirus since many of her clients do not wear gloves or face masks, however, they do believe their prayers and a candle will spare them.

According to the woman, more and more people ask “for prayers and advice” to protect themselves from COVID-19. She insists that the candle makes people feel more at ease amid the pandemic.

Besides the candle, people are request herbs such as lemon balm, mullein, bougainvillea, and eucalyptus, which are said to be good to calm the nerves. The merchant explains people are looking for things to be able to rest and sleep well, as well as spells to get a job after being fired. She says people “are afraid, there is misinformation and some people have anxiety, some get depression after being isolated for so long, they are worried about their health and this helps people to take things easy.”

The woman says that besides the prayers, herbs, and candles, she recommends following the measures issued by health authorities, such as staying home and wearing face masks and gloves.

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Source: El Universal

The Mazatlan Post