Public security tasks will be carried out by the Mexican Army


On May 10th, the Mexican government published a decree in the Official Gazzette, where it announces that the military will carry out public security tasks for the next five years, while the National Guard develops its structure, abilities, and deployment.

According to the document, which was signed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the participation of the army, air force, and navy will be “regulated, audited, subordinated, and complementary to the National Guard in the public security operations in the later is in charge of. ” Moreover, this decree is valid for five years.

The actions of the military “will follow strick monitoring and the respect of human rights in terms of article 1 of the Mexican constitution and will observe the National Law About the Use of Force, among other laws.”

President López Obrador proposed the creation of a National Guard and it was approved months later, after Morena, the ruling party, and the opposition agreed that the new National Guard would not be militarized.

In recent months, the National Guard was deployed to Mexico’s northern and southern border to halt immigration.

Source: El Universal

The Mazatlan Post