The federal undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, during his afternoon conference on Sunday that the whole country is at a maximum alert level for transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so Non-essentials activities should not be performed.

In this same context, he emphasized that hotels cannot receive tourism, because the health emergency is still active, but that they will be able to open only to accommodate workers from different industries, and without swimming pools, beaches and restaurants.

“Hotels can only have 25% occupancy, not for sightseeing, not for vacation, not for walking. But essential work activities also require accommodation for workers who have specific missions in various industries. Then some operation is required. But they are not going to open the restaurants of these hotels, there will only be room service, “said the federal official.

Likewise, he emphasized that non-essential places and businesses cannot be open either, since the level of transmission of the virus is maximum in all states and that non-essential activities can return to operate, it is an idea that the Federal Secretary of Health has not stated as true.

“Someone thinks that all the work centers can already open, that the schools are going to open tomorrow, someone thinks that congregations can already be had in the public space, someone thinks that the cinemas, theaters, beaches, are going to open tomorrow. No. Please, nobody gets confused with this idea, which is false, it is inadequate, “he assumed.

In Puerto Vallarta most of the businesses, however, are already fully operational, with the condition of taking sanitary measures, a provision decreed by the Government of Jalisco.

This despite the fact that Undersecretary López Gatell has been emphatic that it is not yet time for reopening, until the traffic light changes to yellow state by state. ”Nobody is confused with the idea that at this moment, with the maximum amount of transmissions, we will not reopen, “he said.


The Mazatlan Post