Fake Mercado Libre promotion on Facebook seeks to steal credit card data


June 25, 2020

Cybersecurity company ESET alerted to a fake ad circulating on the social network.


Watch out! Cybercriminals are becoming more resourceful every day. The security company ESET warned of a social engineering campaign that circulates on  Facebook, falsifying the identity of Mercado Libre to steal credit card, personal, and password data.

The fake ad offers an alleged promotion to obtain an “exclusive” credit card from the Mercado Pagos platform. People must be vigilant since the domain of the site they invite us to enter is not the official one of the e-commerce company’s payment platform.

ESET details that when you click on the promotion, depending on the device you use, you will find or redirect you to different windows. For example, if you enter through a computer, it is directed to access by mobile application and if you do it from a cell phone you will enter the false site. From that moment they begin to collect your personal data.

The first thing they request is the email address or username with their respective password to access the platform. Later they ask you to put all your credit card information to “validate” your identity, along with a front photo and the back of your credential. To finish, the system redirects you to a Facebook page where it replaces the identity of Mercado Libre. 

According to the cybersecurity company, digital criminals can commercialize your information, carry out banking transactions and even impersonate your identity to order or contract banking products

Source: entrepreneur.com

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