Mexican Army DN III Plan in operation at Veracruz


Sedena Plan DN-III is in operation in the city of Alvarado, Veracruz, to help sectors of the population that have been harmed in some way by the heavy rains. Mud and debris removal actions are being carried out by members of the Mexican Army.

“Given the heavy rains registered on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, military personnel applied the DN-III-E Plan in its relief phase in the municipality of Alvarado, where two homes were affected, without causing human damage, only material damage has been registered so far,” indicated the Secretariat of National Defense.

The statement specified that through the commands of the VI Military Region and 26 / a. Military Zone actions were carried out to remove mud and debris, clean the area, raise a wall with tarps to prevent the houses from continuing to flood, as well as security and surveillance tasks.

Source: Dictamen

The Mazatlan Post