Mexico remaining holidays and school days off for 2020


In addition to the mandatory rest days, check the school calendar

In Mexico, there are seven holidays or mandatory rest days this 2020,  which are indicated in the Federal Labor Law. While the school calendar of the SEP adds other commemorative days.

2020 mandatory holidays

Some variations on the day of the week so that they are on Monday or Friday and that the traditional bridge is formed, that is, the rest on Monday or Friday to stick it to the weekend.

  • January 1 (Wednesday). Unchanging date, for the New Year.
  • February 3 (Monday). The holiday is the first Monday in February through February 5, the anniversary of the Mexican Constitution.
  • March 16 (Monday). The holiday is the third Monday in March in commemoration of March 21, the birthday of Benito Juárez.
  • May 1 (Friday). Unchanging date, for Labor Day. This year it forms.
  • September 16 (Wednesday). Unchanging date, for the anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.
  • November 16 (Monday). For the 20th of November, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.
  • December 25 (Friday). Unchanging date, for Christmas. 

Holidays 2020 for students

Basic education students add other days, as marked by the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school calendars.

However, the coronavirus health contingency caused the suspension of classes from mid-March to April 17.

  • January 1 (Wednesday).
  • January 31 (Friday). By realization of the School Technical Council, CTE.
  • February 3 (Monday).
  • March 13 (Friday). CTE.
  • March 16 (Monday).
  • May 1 (Friday).
  • May 4 (Monday). CTE.
  • May 5 (Tuesday). Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla.
  • May 15 (Friday). Teacher’s Day.
  • June 5 (Friday). CTE.
  • October 2 (Friday) CTE.
  • September 16 (Monday)
  • November 2 (Monday) Day of the Dead
  • November 13 (Friday). By school administrative discharge.
  • November 16 (Monday)
  • December 11 (Friday) CTE.
  • December 25 (Friday).
Días festivos 2020 México: calendario oficial de feriados no laborables  nacionales y fechas especiales de descanso obligatorio e inhábiles Ley  Federal del Trabajo para vacaciones | ATMP | La República

School holidays

The first vacation period, which ran from April 6 to 17, was modified by the health contingency. It was officially extended from March 23 to April 17.

On December 21, the next holiday period begins, which ends on January 8, 2021.


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