The beaches will no longer be handed over to private parties all beaches are public says AMLO


The president celebrated that any citizen can access the country’s beaches, because before only those who were staying in a hotel did

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the country’s beaches are public and will no longer be handed over to private companies.

Yesterday, the president signed the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation to guarantee the access of any citizen to the coastal areas of the country.

“This legal provision is so that the beaches are no longer being handed over to individuals so that they are public. Before, only those who were staying in a hotel could enter, “said López Obrador.

CORONAVIRUS Puerto Vallarta without tourists
Puerto Vallarta

The decree published in the DOF adds a third paragraph to Article 8 of the Law, which makes it explicit that access to the beaches may not be restricted, hindered or conditioned.

“Access to maritime beaches and the federal maritime terrestrial zone adjacent to them may not be inhibited, restricted, hindered or conditioned except in the cases established by the regulations,” the reform indicates.

In this same sense, article 127 determines that in the event that there are no public roads or accesses from public roads, landowners must allow free access to the beaches through accesses agreed with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, which will provide compensation. 

Ya no se entregarán las playas a privados; son públicas: AMLO – Yucatán a  la mano

With this provision in article 154 “a fine of between 3,000 and up to 12,000 times the Unit of Measure and Update in force, that is, from 260,640 to 1 million 42,560 pesos in this 2020 to the owners or holders of concessions or permits that by any means or act prevent, inhibit, restrict, hinder or condition access to the beaches ”.


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