OYO Hotels and Reservamos sign an alliance to reactivate Mexico tourism


The pandemic has meant important changes for the tourism industry, which contributes 8.7% of the national GDP, generating about 4.5 million direct jobs. In addition to strict hygiene and cleaning protocols, the actors in the sector foresee that the preferences of tourists will tend to travel by road, because they generate greater confidence, as well as to visit local destinations with little influx such as Pueblos Mágicos or those closest to them. to your place of residence. Similarly, they will opt for short stays.

Following these trends, the international chain of local hotels OYO Hotels and the travel metasearch engine Reservamos, have signed a strategic alliance to reactivate regional tourism, mainly road, through an agreement that offers a comprehensive travel experience with the possibility of acquiring in one place tickets for land or air transportation, and lodging in any of the more than 650 OYO complexes in Mexico. 

In this way, users can compare the options of buses, airplanes, and hotels, in order to create travel packages that suit their needs and have better commercial conditions and promotions, as opposed to purchasing separately.

To do this, the Reservamos platform makes available to travelers about 10,000 routes that provide access to more than 170 destinations where OYO hotels are located. 

According to different market studies, current demand is inclined towards the road or local tourism, which would be the first to recover. Tourists are expected to choose to take short trips of no more than 300 km from home and looking for meaningful regional experiences.

In this sense, the bus is strengthened as an efficient transport option and local hotels present competitive advantages, the companies say in a statement. This means that the small and medium-sized accommodation centers that are part of OYO will benefit from offering service in destinations that are underserved by larger hotel groups and having smaller rooms that facilitate the implementation of sanitary measures. 

OYO Hotel Seyba Bakalar en Bacalar, México

This initiative seeks to reactivate the productive chains related to tourism, a very relevant sector for the Mexican economy, through promotions and facilities that will encourage the intention to travel in a responsible and safe way, which translates into a greater influx of tourists and spills economic with tangible benefits for the families that depend on this industry.

“This alliance is the result of our commitment to strengthen the bus industry and, even more importantly, to reactivate the local economy and tourism. We create We reserve to facilitate bus travel through technological solutions. And, lately, the digitization of the bus traveler by Covid-19 has accelerated, as has happened with other aspects of digital consumption. We believe that with a greater and more personalized tourist offer, through the alliance with OYO Hotels, the client will obtain many more advantages and benefits ”, highlighted Adrián Cuadros, co-founder of Reservamos.


“With our offer of more than 650 quality hotels, and together with the transportation options of Reservamos, we make a perfect combination to promote the reactivation of road tourism, local travel, and short distance, which are becoming increasingly relevant to the new profile of the traveler. Together, we complement each other to provide a competitive option for transportation plus first-rate accommodation, under the best practices in prevention and hygiene. The latter thanks to our Sanitized Stays program, which was certified by the Safe Travel seal granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) ”, comments Juliana Ramírez, Commercial Director of OYO Hotels for Mexico.

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