Mismanagement fills Chiapas Cañón del Sumidero with trash and debris


Due to the mismanagement of garbage in more than a dozen municipalities in Chiapas, more than 1,600 tons of waste float on the waters of the Sumidero Canyon.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez.-   Currently, the works to clean the waters of the “Cañón del Sumidero” National Park are carried out “slowly”, because according to the director of the natural attraction, Roberto Escalante, they only have a brigade of “10 people”.

“We continue working but at the moment slowly because we have few personnel but we have not stopped the cleaning work. We have a brigade of 10 people and that is precisely why we need the collaboration and support of society in general and city councils in order to have more staff ”, informed the director of the Protected Natural Area.

Roberto Escalante assured that due to the fact that they have “few personnel” , they are already taking steps so that in the coming days the work is intensified and “the Canyon will be clean for the vacation months.”

On the other hand, the director of the National Park said that in the waters of the protected natural area there are “1,600 to 1,700 tons of garbage floating in the river.”

Roberto Escalante mentioned that the large amount of garbage in the waters of the Sumidero Canyon corresponds to wood, which means that there are still problems with “forest fires, deforestation, and landslides.”

Regarding solid urban waste, the director of the “Cañón del Sumidero”  National Park said that they are “consequences of the mismanagement of garbage in the upper part of the middle basin of the Grijalva river”.

“Currently we have the plug back in the river, it has accumulated in these two months due to the heavy rains, but we continue working. It is a consequence of the mismanagement of garbage in the part of the middle basin of the Grijalva River. There we contribute a large part of society because we do not deposit the garbage in the correct places and that with the heavy rains drags and accumulates in this part of the river in the Sumidero Canyon ”.

Source: alertachiapas.com

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