Mexico approves key changes to its Security Laws


Mexico’s lower House of its Congress approves sweeping changes to its Security Laws aiming for a more transparent way ahead for Intelligence.

By James Blears

Tired of being kept in the dark and left out in the cold about sensitive issues, an irritated Mexican Chamber of Deputies has just passed a law requiring foreign agents to keep them appraised, by sharing gathered information.  This follows the recent arrest of former Mexican Defense Minister General Salvador Cienfuegos at Los Angeles International Airport on alleged drug trafficking charges.

That came as a complete surprise and shock to Mexican Law Enforcement, which hadn’t been kept in the loop by the DEA. Shaken and stirred, a furious Mexican Foreign Ministry issued a formal complaint, and diplomatic relations were severely strained.

So much so, that the charges were then dropped and the General was returned under escort to Mexico.  So…from now on, foreign agents won`t have blanket immunity, and they MUST share intelligence with their Mexican counterparts.

While Mexican Officials, must obtain permission to meet with foreign agents, and then write a full report of what has transpired.

These radical changes were proposed by none other than Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador himself.

In his formal letter of congratulation to US President-Elect Joe Biden, he specifically mentioned the paramount importance of sovereignty.

It`s been met with a frosty response from US Attorney General William Barr, who`s warning all of this will make bilateral cooperation appreciably more difficult. Nevertheless, like it or not, a like-minded approach WILL be required.

Source: Vatican News