Isla Lobos: an emblematic virgin Eden in Veracruz


Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle is no longer just a privilege, it’s a necessity.

Isla Lobos, in Veracruz, offers those who visit it a space with privacy, peace and nature that is due to its predominant vegetation, abundant marine life, white sand, blue sky, as well as crystalline turquoise waters, all this in a virgin paradise.

It all begins with a trip aboard on boat from Tuxpán or Tamiahua, which will take you to the shores of Isla Lobos, considered the largest islet in Veracruz. The huge five-star hotel complexes or luxury restaurants have no place, so only you and your companions will be able to enjoy this emblematic site.

To enjoy Isla Lobos, of almost 2 square kilometers, it is enough to see its wide beach area, considered one of the most beautiful in the state, since it has similar characteristics to Caribbean beaches, where you will even find lagoons and mangroves.

In addition to enjoying this landscape with a climate that invites you to immerse yourself in its warm, shallow waters, you can also practice diving in its reef area known as leeward and discover the ecosystem that is home of the marine life, as well as snorkeling, thanks to the soft waves that rock on the shores.

Around Isla Lobos you will find four different types of coral. In addition, you will find vestiges of sunken cargo ships and tugboats that used to service the oil platform but are now part of the reef area.

Beyond its beaches and marine life, a panorama full of vegetation opens before the eyes of travelers, turning Isla Lobos into a visual spectacle with palm trees and grass that mark the trails for those who have an exploring spirit, or who just looking for a restful rest, they usually sway in a hammock to the rhythm of the soft breeze.

To get to this Veracruz destination, travelers must hire a transportation service that will take them directly to the coast on board of a boat and will offer them other attractions. Only they have the necessary permits to access the area.

The path begins at an artificial channel that was created in 1960 so that PEMEX personnel could have quick access to an oil platform near to the area. That is why the Isla Lobos has a small construction, where the workers used to take shelter, as well as a lighthouse, one of the favorite places for travelers.

There are currently no oil operations in the area, so the canal and the island are now home to hundreds of fish that seek shelter there.

The essentials to visit Isla Lobos are:




     Change of clothes, preferably long sleeves

     Food and water

     Walking shoes and one more that can get wet.

Avoid entering:

     Alcoholic drinks

     Disposable containers or, otherwise, do not leave your garbage there, remember that it is a protected and virgin natural area.

The best season to visit Isla Lobos is from March to August, when the waves are low. Without a doubt, an adventure that you must live in this Eden of Veracruz.

Source: Forbes