Cartels run lucrative business with tow trucks in Veracruz


In the Córdoba-Orizaba-Acultzingo region, highway robberies were led until 2021 by the Sangre Nueva Zeta criminal group commanded by a subject alias Mamer, but after his fall a new leader alias El Choco arrived, who colluded with the Jalisco Nueva Cartel Generation.

This group maintains the transfer of fuel stolen from pipelines, the trafficking of weapons and tactical equipment, and the transfer of drugs.

Other criminal cells of the Zetas fight the plaza and have taken control of the floor collection and extortion. Criminals have found a “niche” of opportunity in the tow truck business with which, in complicity with more public transit officials, they intimidate and attack motorists, drag vehicles, take them to the bulls, and collect high amounts of money. which has caused disappearances and executions.

Officials from the regional Prosecutor’s Offices have also been involved in this crime, who do not release the vehicles and retain them for as long as possible.

Not satisfied with what they could obtain from this business, the vehicles are dismantled without the individuals being able to obtain compensation, as they are threatened not to file complaints.

Another sector that has also claimed the threat of crime is the countryside, as there are peasant leaders who have exposed it and the drug traffickers’ tentacles reach the mountain areas where they have even offered to change sowing to grow drugs, without them. specify the exact area or municipality.

Source: Excelsior

Veracruz Daily Post