Veracruz already has the first pet park


The rehabilitation of the “Los Pinitos” Park located on Fidel Velázquez boulevard, in the Formando Hogar neighborhood, contemplated the installation of games for pets.

The park has obstacles, tunnels, and rings for them to have fun. It has sign where pets need to use a leash to walk the park. An investment of 2 million 800 thousand pesos was made for the rehabilitation of the place. The new police booth was also installed.

The municipal administration informed that during this year they will seek to rescue public spaces, for this reason the next park in which there will be investments is the Ecological Park.

In the case of Los Pinitos, a space for pets was set up, grills and tables were rehabilitated.

“Fields were also built, we put poles to illuminate the park and plants. We have more security because the police booth has also been rehabilitated.”

You can carry out sports activities or occupy the track to walk your dog. This is the first park considered for people who usually take their dogs for a walk.

“This is the first park with the modality for dogs, for pets that can come and can enjoy, also have a nice time.”

It is worth mentioning that in Boca del Río the creation of two pet parks is contemplated, one will be in Plaza Banderas and the other in Plaza Dorada.

Source: Imagen de Veracruz