The little Tulum is in Veracruz, the twin archaeological zone of the Caribbean


Tulum is a magical and majestic place in the state of Quintana Roo, its archeology zone at the foot of the Caribbean Sea is the postcard that attracts national and international tourists, but there is another similar place that is closer to the City of Mexico in Villa Rica de Veracruz.

Little Tulum is 277 kilometers from the historic center of Puebla, a city that is 2 and a half hours from CDMX, so to get there you will have to travel 6 and a half hours by car, until you reach the archaeological zone of Quiahuiztlán, a site which many years ago housed more than 15 thousand inhabitants.

Its name comes from Nahuatl and means “place of rain” and according to the National Institute of Anthropology and History, this area had three main functions: the first one, when it served as a city, years later it became a cemetery where remains of 78 tombs were found and, lastly, it was converted into a fortress. The researchers came to this conclusion by seeing all the foothills of the hill, from which defensive walls of different dimensions can be seen.

The most impressive thing is that these tombs are at the foot of the Gulf of Mexico, an image like that of Tulum in the Caribbean Sea, which is why it is known as the Little Tulum of Veracruz.

It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 in the morning to 15:30 in the afternoon; If you want to know its history in detail, you must join their tours. The price to enter the site is $70 pesos per visitor, to the archaeological zone, which has an impressive view of the beach.

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