There will be a Medieval Equinox Tournament in Casavegas


The Joust consisting of a confrontation between two knights mounted on horseback, armed with a wooden spear each

In the Magical Town of Orizaba, the First Medieval Equinox Tournament is held on March 18, 19 and 20, in Casavegas, as announced by the authorities of the municipality of Orizaba.

They explained that the ones that can be enjoyed are not wrestling-type simulations, but skill matches, real matches.

They explain that this is a recent sport, that it is already established and there are associations that carry it out in Mexico. It was born in the year 2000 and comes from Western Europe and is practiced in countries like Russia and the Czech Republic. This sport arrived in Mexico in 2013 and gradually took root.

In the conference where the event was announced, it was reported that no city in the country has a Castle like Orizaba, which is the perfect setting to recreate the fight with armor, hand-to-hand and sword or axe. There is a committee that oversees that the practice is safe.

Casa Vegas in Orizaba, Veracruz

During the festival, knights will be able to show off their war skills. The Joust consisting of a confrontation between two knights mounted on horseback, each armed with a wooden lance and whose objective is to dismount the opponent.

The armor with the helmet of very resistant material is very heavy – six kilos – for protection from the attacks of the contenders.

The Medieval Tournament that will take place in Casavegas will have three stages, two of them combat and the final. Between each combat the armor will be presented, the spectators will be given information about the combat, in addition to having the opportunity to try on the armor and if they hold it, they could fight with one of the competitors.

What was the purpose of creating medieval combat?

Fact: Originally, these games were created to train chestnuts and their knights in the art of battle and, little by little, they became a means to settle disputes.

The loser had to deliver his weapons, as well as money or horses to his opponent; thus, the latter accumulated more wealth.

Medieval tournaments were the great spectacle of the Middle Ages, being a display of courage and constituting a fact. They were not only a simple armed contest, since they constituted the main amusement of the medieval knights and were a springboard to achieve power and fame.

Source: El Sol de Orizaba