Do you go hiking? Cerro del Borrego presents new routes


Orizaba, Ver.- With new routes in Cerro del Borrego, the boom for the practice of hiking grew, which stimulates exercise through walks at the pace, without having a time requirement, said Carlos Altamirano Lima, member of the group “Guardians of the mountain”. During the Easter holidays, an influx of visitors of between 1,000 and 1,500 a day is expected.

He added that friends and families now like to observe the wonders of nature, flora and fauna in the open spaces.

“In the Cerro del Borrego there are routes available for hiking and more and more athletes are joining, to know those paths in the emblematic mountain of Orizaba,” he added.

Cerro del Borrego a wonder of nature

He expressed that it is a charming place full of vegetation, adventure, and history. The Cerro del Borrego viewpoint is considered one of the best viewpoints in the country and is in the Magic Town, 1,240 meters above sea level.

He added that it also has an Eco Park that houses a whole lot of attractions that rescue the history and nature of this impressive place. Here it is possible to find three types of vegetation: jungle, oak forest, and mountain forest.

The trails that exist are: El Francés, El Águila, El Burro and El Coatí, from where spectacular landscapes can be admired. It is during the weekends when people seeking contact with nature visit them, he reported.

Tourists who visit the city on Easter holidays, we ask that they inform the cable car staff or the police on duty, that they will be following a trail, so that, in case of getting lost, they can immediately look for them with the support of Civil Protection paramedics.

He pointed out that the hiking routes are changeable and no matter how simple the route is, it is possible to encounter situations that put them at risk. For this reason, it is important to prepare the activity in advance, equip yourself correctly and have basic technical knowledge and adequate physical preparation, so that a day surrounded by nature does not turn into a nightmare.

Source: El Sol de Orizaba