Restoration works of the Historic Center of Veracruz would begin in August


The National Institute of Anthropology and History has already approved the rehabilitation project of the Historic Center of Veracruz, informed the mayor, Patricia Lobeira Rodríguez.

“We already had an answer, it was positive, just tonight we are going to present the last papers to Mexico to obtain the license, but we are sure that we will obtain it because they already tested positive (…) very happy, also with that we will be able to start doing works in the historic center ”.

The municipality indicated that the rehabilitation work will begin on Independencia avenue.

At the time she mentioned that they could start between the months of July and August.

“I think that between July and August, we are going to start with Calle Independencia.”

Lobeira Rodríguez recalled that a budget of 70 million pesos was allocated for the works in the Historic Center.

“We are going to do the comprehensive work, drainage is also needed, which is very necessary in the center because they are very old drains over a hundred years old, it will be a comprehensive work.”

The municipality announced that Avenida Independencia will be mixed, however, she said that the comprehensive project will be announced in the near future.

“It will be a mixed avenue but later we want to present the project well, not only to the media, but also to the public.”

“It will be an integral work, it will be the street, there are more than 570 linear meters of drainage, more than 10,000 square meters that we are going to put in hydraulic concrete and, as I always mention, they are integral works because we put drainage, we put a well, we put the sidewalk, the fittings, new lighting fixtures, in addition to the concrete”.

She specified that more than 30 million pesos were allocated for the works in the Coyol area, benefiting 3,500 families.

Source: El Dictamen