Orizaba Restaurants to Offer Free Coffee and Dessert to Voters


With the aim of encouraging electoral participation, members of CANIRAC will launch a national campaign to offer a coffee and dessert to those who show their thumb as proof that they have cast their vote, stated Carlos Josué Cruz Mendoza, president of CANIRAC Orizaba.

He pointed out that at least 30 restaurants in Orizaba affiliated with this chamber would be participating in the area, offering coffee and a specific dessert for this promotion. He explained that it is considered necessary to encourage electoral participation in order to create a greater civic culture and reduce abstentionism. The president of CANIRAC in Orizaba emphasized that nationally there are more than 2,500 participating establishments and a record will be kept of the people who attend.

Cruz Mendoza also mentioned that the month of May is good for sales due to the celebrations that take place during this season, such as May 10th, which not only benefited them on the day itself but also throughout the entire weekend. In addition, other celebrations continue, such as Teacher’s Day, and teachers also come to socialize.

Source: Al Color Politico