The best Mexican states for ecotourism


We present ten ideal destinations to feel the adrenaline to the fullest. Dare to conquer mountains, canyons, rivers and trails throughout the length and breadth of Mexico.

1. Chiapas

It tops the list in Mexico when it comes to adventure activities. Its paradisiacal and diverse settings are sought after by young people who seek to experience their vacations to the fullest. In the El Ocote Biosphere Reserve, in the Lacandona Jungle, in the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, in its archaeological sites next to the Usumacinta River, you can practice kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, rappelling … all this framed by their pre-Hispanic and New-Hispanic cultures.

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2. Morelos

In this central and versatile state, adventures flow like the waters of the Amacuzac, where the fun never ends practicing rafting or inflatable kayaking, rappelling in waterfalls or, in Tepoztlán, caving in the vicinity of the Chontacoatlan river … and much more throughout the year, thanks to its mild climate.

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3. Baja California Sur

It is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the Mexican northwest, with a large number of landscapes and places where it is always possible to experience sports such as diving, sea kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, sailing, windsurfing, surfing. and nature observation trips, where it is possible to explore fantastic sanctuaries and all their natural heritage.

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4. Oaxaca

Due to its great diversity, ethnic and geographical characteristics, the entire state offers the opportunity to enjoy endless activities for adventure tourism such as: surfing, cycling, diving, paragliding, recreational fishing, horseback riding, hiking, climbing, natural areas, expeditions. and even cultural tours within their communities. 5. Campeche

Rural tourism is the main attraction of this state, coupled with its natural wealth. How would you like to learn in a workshop how to extract chewing gum or prepare typical foods within a community; sleep in a cabin and visit a crocodile farm on Isla Arena; hiking, camping, cycling; go through a mangrove to discover the different species of birds or try sport fishing?

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6. Chihuahua

For more than nine years, in the months of July and August, the Adventure Tourism Festival has been held in the most beautiful natural settings of Chihuahua: the Sierra Tarahumara in Guachochi and Creel; the white sands of Samalayuca near Ciudad Juárez, and the Chihuahuan desert in Coyame and Ojinaga. Among the main sports disciplines that are practiced are the races of 10 and 21 kilometers, as well as an ultra marathon in the Sinforosa canyon with 63 and 100 kilometers. Other extreme experiences are mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing, zip-lining, among others. They have had the participation of world ranking athletes such as Patricio Cabrera, second place in the Sky Marathon; Jack Smith, founder of sandboarding; Ray Molina, inventor of the sand bike and the world-famous Tarahumara runners.

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7. Veracruz

Challenge, adrenaline and fun are what you will find in this rich state with various activities, from the exciting and renowned rafting in the rapids to diving in the reef waters, a true treasure under the sea, or meandering up the mountain with the bicycle or even a cold climb to the Pico de Orizaba … Veracruz is that and a thousand more surprises!

Ecoturismo y aventura en veracruz

8. Durango

Ecotourism and extreme sports are great entertainment options in this state: canyoneering, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, kayaking, hiking, and expeditions are just some of the options. Of course, its settings are the cherry on the cake, like the spectacular Fernández Canyon , where camping, hiking and fishing are practiced, since the Nazas River runs there. In La Sierra del Sarnoso, near the town of Dinamita, are the Piedras Encimadas , which attract hikers and researchers, since they have found marine fossils from about twelve thousand years ago, cave paintings and petroglyphs.

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9. Tabasco

Rivers, mountains, tropical forests, streams and lagoons inhabited by a varied fauna, as well as caves, grottos and exotic natural caverns, distinguish the Adventure Route in the Sierra. It offers visitors various places where they can practice all these activities: the Hacienda & Spa los Azufres, the Coconá cave natural monument, Kolem Jaa ‘, Kolem Che’ñ, Dios Botanical Garden, Villa Luz Waterfalls, Villa Tapijulapa, Oxolotán River , among others.

Adventure ATMEX 2017 Tabasco – Feria de Turismo de Aventura -  Adventure

10. Guanajuato

The state has multiple options for those seeking outdoor activities in spectacular settings: horseback riding on royal roads, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, rappelling, canyoneering, hiking through plateaus and mountains, routes in all-terrain vehicles.

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11. Tamaulipas

There are several places where you can camp in Tamaulipas, starting with the “El Cielo” Biosphere Reserve that has several spaces within which Joya Oscura stands out, a place surrounded by huge trees; Manantial Viveros a beautiful space with a spring and pools of water; and the Valley of the Ferns, an ideal place to live with nature, especially from March to October.

Kayak in Tamaulipas

Other interesting options are: the Pinihuán Canyon; the Canyon del Salto; La Joya, in Miquihuana; El Bernal de Horcacitas, in González; the Hacienda Santa Engracia, in Hidalgo; and Los Nogales, in Jaumave.

Canonism in Tamaulipas

A very interesting option is the Cenotes of Aldama, among which is the deepest well or cenote full of water anywhere in the world, the Zacatón, with 335 meters. deep, which is a challenge for all professional divers.

In the Cueva el Nacimiento, located on the Mante river, you can practice cave diving in one of the deepest flooded caverns in the world. The cave is the mouth of a spring whose depth is calculated to be greater than 200 meters.

El Charco Azul, located 6 kilometers from Jumave, is a place where you can snorkel. It is a pool with a depth of 12 meters. and sprouts from a cavity in a rock believed to lead into a cavern.

You can also dive at Miramar Beach in Ciudad Madero and Barra del Tordo Beach in Aldama.

Other options are: “La Poza Madre” and “La Poza del Higuerón” in Ocampo, Tamaulipas.

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