Exhibition “Of eroticism and daring”, in Orizaba, Veracruz


If you are in the state of Veracruz or plan to visit it soon, you will undoubtedly want to know what places to visit. Because not everything is beach and restaurants (although they are enjoyed a lot), we bring you a cultural recommendation in Orizaba: the exhibition  Of eroticism and daring

This exhibition is the creation of the plastic artist from Veracruz, Giovanni Sagardi Gasca, who had the idea of ​​capturing in images the eroticism that the body evokes. Thus, through its 40 paintingsDe erotismo y osadía proposes to invite the viewer to reflect and delve into passages from Greek mythology and the work of authors such as the Marquis de SadePierre Louys and Isidoro Ducasse.

The Jarocho painter and sculptor is described as an anachronistic young bohemian, lover of the bolero, poetry, folklore, and culture in general. In an interview, he points out that these characteristics of his personality have allowed him to be inspired to create his pictorial work.

I was inspired by two bolero singers, the composer Concha Valdés Miranda and the erotic poet Carilda Oliver Labra; since I met this work I was inspired to make this gallery. However, other literary works also served me as a reference, he comments about the gallery.

Delving into the nature of his creations, Giovanni Sagardi explains: It is a way of approaching the human body and eroticism, with some elements that make the viewer analyze them and delve into the work, that they feel these sexual emotions that I seek to convey.

Erotic and daring consists of 40 paintings in different techniques between oilpastel and pencil. The gallery was exhibited for the first time at a Cultural Forum and at the Ignacio de la Llave Theater, both in the city of Orizaba.

About Giovanni Sagardi

Sagardi Giovanni Gasca, who graduated with a law degree and self-taught artist, was born on July 30, 1998, in the city of Cordoba, Veracruz. The techniques used are acrylic, charcoal, graphite, colored pencils, oils, pastel chalk and oil pastel. His work, he claims, is inspired by some of the great exponents in art history, such as Julio Romero de TorresSalvador DalíLeonora CarringtonGoyaFrida Kahlo, and Remedios Varo.

In 2017, the artist exhibited his first collection entitled Umbral, which was part of the Vívela Muerte anthology, by Editorial Cordobesa. Later, in 2018, he presented 25 works in his first individual gallery entitled Sentires y pesares, which was exhibited at the Casa de la Cultura in Amatlán de los Reyes, Veracruz.

Other of his solo exhibitions are Woman, where he paid tribute to the clothing and colors of the folklore of southern Mexico, and En carne viva, a gallery that consisted of 32 pieces that were exhibited at the Toxpan Cultural Center and at the Teatro Ignacio de la Llave of the city of Córdoba. So far it has 12 exhibitions, in various spaces in Córdoba, Orizaba, and CDMX.

Learn more about Giovanni Sagardi’s work through his Facebook and Instagram and visit De erotismo y daría in the Llave Theater Gallery as soon as you get the chance!

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