Foreign tourism in Veracruz would increase during Holy Week, they project 85% occupancy during Easter


Although the main tourists who visit the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area come from the center of the country, the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels hopes that tourism from South America and Europe will gradually increase during the upcoming Easter holidays. where they expect a hotel occupancy of 85%.

“Our main clients come from the central area, such as Mexico City and Puebla, however, the offer is already being expanded to other cities such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Chiapas, so we hope that they will also visit us from other states.

“Similarly, we have a record that tourism from South America and a small percentage from Europe visit us, so we hope to have a varied tourism at this time,” said the president of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, César Alfonso Muñiz Cuervo.

He acknowledged that they expect a very good hotel occupancy for Easter, since the last long weekend that just passed was very good.

“We have just passed long weekend, which despite the weather event to the north, had a very good occupation in the suburban area and we believe that this is a preamble to what is to come, right now during Easter,” he added.

He indicated that it will be a week where many activities will be offered to tourism, in each of the municipalities, and both the hoteliers and the other tourist service providers in the metropolitan area are ready to serve tourists in the best way.

“In addition to the events that will take place in the town halls and at the beach spots, there will be a large number of activities; tourists will be able to enjoy many events, we hope to be full; we have an estimate of 85% hotel occupancy in the metropolitan area and we are ready to welcome you all”.

He finally said that little by little you can see more foreign tourism on the streets, so they hope that little by little it will also increase.

Source: Imagen del Golfo