What is the most beautiful municipality in Veracruz and how to get there? 


A state of Mexico that has captivated travelers with its golden beaches, lush jungles, and rich historical heritage is Veracruz. But among its various municipalities, one stands out as a hidden jewel between hills and mountains, captivating with its unique charm. Papantla, a place rooted in the Totonac culture and full of natural wonders, stands as the most beautiful of the Veracruz municipalities. 

Located in the heart of Totonacapan, Papantla attracts visitors with its magical El Tajín Archaeological Zone. Witness to an ancient civilization, this archaeological marvel exhibits majestic pyramids, ceremonial plazas, and sculptures that narrate the rich history of the Totonacs. 

A sculptural mural to the Totonac culture pays homage to their traditions and beliefs, and the iconic Monument to the Flying Man invites us to witness the ancient ritual dance that has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 

Delving into the plot of Papantla, we discover Eleven Murals that decorate its streets with colorful designs, immortalizing the essence of the community and its struggles. The Chapel of “Christ the King”, with its resemblance to the Notre Dame Cathedral, is an architectural tribute that evokes a deep feeling of spirituality and beauty. 

Art and culture are intertwined in the Mural to the People of Papantla, an artistic emblem that reflects local traditions and customs. But the magic of Papantla does not stop here, since the Takilhsukut Park, the main center of indigenous identity in Veracruz, is a meeting place between different cultures, enriching the tourist experience with its diversity. 

In tune with nature, the Ecological Parks “Kiwikgolo” and Parque Israel C. Téllez offer direct contact with the natural exuberance of the region, highlighting the importance of conservation and respect for the environment. The Cuyuxquihui Archaeological Zone, another lesser-known archaeological treasure, invites travelers to immerse themselves in the pre-Hispanic past. 

The cultural richness of Papantla also extends through its museums. The Teodoro Cano Museum celebrates the famous artist and his artistic legacy, while the Museo de las Máscaras in San Pablo reveals the fascinating tradition of the dance of the flyers, in which the masks play a leading role. 

But, in addition to its cultural heritage, Papantla presents us with natural wonders that leave us breathless. Located in the eastern region of Veracruz, this town is close to Poza Rica, a city known for its rich oil activity, but also for its impressive natural spaces. From Poza Rica, it is possible to take a short and enriching trip to Papantla, immersing yourself in the majesty of the Veracruz landscapes. 

It is evident that Papantla is a unique destination, where culture, history and nature converge in perfect harmony. If you are looking for an authentic and enriching travel experience, you cannot stop exploring this hidden treasure in Veracruz. 

From its impressive archaeological remains to its vibrant murals, ecological parks and captivating museums, every corner of this Totonaca municipality is a living testimony of the greatness of the past and the richness of the present. 

How to get to Papantla from Pto de Veracruz and Poza Rica 

To get to Papantla from Veracruz Port by car, you can follow highway 180 north (Gulf coast) for approximately 290 km (3 hours) or take the Veracruz-Poza Rica highway, the estimated time from the two cities is quite similar, so you have to head north. 

  Source: Soy Nomada